Why us

 Energy Problems Customers are facing:

Energy cost increase above inflation

Poor energy security

Deterioration of environmental performance

No trust

Current Customer Solution

Diesel Generator


High cost


Conventional System Design

Complex, Disparate Utilities Management


Traditionally, service providers are appointed to provide and maintain services with ongoing cost to end-users with little or no control of costs & data


When Service Providers Change - high risk to end user of additional costs due to onboarding of new systems


Disparate systems - lack of end-to-end visibility of utilisation of utilities and service levels by various service providers


High reliance on manual processes; high error rates in recons of budget spend; utility billing to end users

Why Smart Management

To effectively manage consumer operating costs, it’s crucial to monitor usage patterns and identify opportunities to reduce expenses. A key aspect of this involves improving the accuracy of consumption billing, ensuring that the amount of utilities used aligns closely with what is billed. Additionally, reducing reliance on council-supplied power can lead to significant cost savings and enhance self-sufficiency. This approach not only improves a property’s competitive advantage in the market but also equips property owners to effectively deal with challenging municipal billing issues. By adopting these strategies, consumers and property owners can achieve more efficient and cost-effective operations.

Rational System Design

Intergrated Management


Smart Model


We provide a management platform to the management company through which all estate/building services are managed


Allows for plug-in/out of services and service providers as needs arise in future while maintaining full visibility on all services and utilisation of the development

Benefits of integrated management

Most clients are currently in the Normative Design Phase. Our aim is to move them to Rational Optimisation and ultimately Demand Side Management. 

Law compliance-based design

Complex contractual relationships

Poor visibility

Phase 1

Baseline Design

Optimized requirements

Defined contractual rules

Better visibility

Plug in/ out services

Phase 2

Define Rules

Phase 3

Services Plugins Create Opportunities

Dynamic and rate optimization

Optimization between services

End-to-end visibility across services

Developer participation in future projects

Reduced CAPEX

Dynamic incentive-based charging

Phase 4

Prosumer charging

Full Demand side management

Integrated Contract Management

Full Intelligent IOT/AI Capabilities/ Advantages

A full system or Bolt-on components, It’s up to you!

Let us help you find the right energy solution design


Energy Management

Utility Management

Smart Building Management

Measure and monitor accurate consumption of individual units - On site

Billing and monitoring platform with personalised reporting options

Tailored solution for your specific development / existing infrastructure

Installation of solar and energy plants, water management systems

Improve wheeling of energy within the Estate

Why clients choose us




Honest and accurate billing ensures consumers pay only for their actual usage, fostering financial transparency. Real-time energy management enables proactive environmental footprint reduction. The system is free from hidden charges and flat tariffs, ensuring billing is based on individual consumption profiles in accordance with regulations. Consumers enjoy real-time access to their consumption and billing data. Furthermore, there is a consistent commitment to reducing energy costs, emphasizing affordability and sustainability.

Our team is a collaboration of highly skilled professionals, each bringing a wealth of experience in various fields such as energy, utility, facility, property, and technology management. We have harnessed this expertise to develop an innovative IoT platform. This platform offers real-time visibility into all building and billing services, enabling efficient management through sophisticated algorithms. This integration of diverse skills and advanced technology ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to managing building services.

Retention of ownership of information is an essential tool for cost management, offering critical visibility and control. By providing real-time billing information, we enable better business and investment decisions. Our team is committed to leveraging our skills and extensive institutional knowledge to deliver proven results. This approach ensures unparalleled returns for our clients, underlining our dedication to excellence and effective service delivery.